Michel Coumes - Peintre

I have been travelling for a long time around the world of images, particularly brand images, of which became a specialist. The image in all its forms, using constantly experimental visual supports: this world was my trade, my craftsmanship, that has driven me throughout my professional career. But there were also other images, other colours, ever since I was a child, which were revealed to me by a great lady of drawing and painting whom I remember dearly. Better than a technique, a know-how, she let me foresee a universe and transmited a passion which was to stimulate me throughout my professional career.

I am now happily retired and I do pick up my brushes from time to time, just for the pleasure of drawing a landscape, a Nature morte, or a vintage car, another passion which I share with other car collectors.

I don’t like to talk about my painting, I’d rather be in my workshop, only pleasantly disturbed by bird songs. Giacometti used to say: “In art, what needs explanation does not deserve it”. He was indeed quite right and many could learn from him.

Michel Coumes